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Malani Purnima and Dhalo in Goa in Paush Month

Malani Purnima and Dhalo is observed in Paush Month in Goa and is dedicated to Vandevi, the forest deity. Malani Purnima 2025 date is January 13. During the festival of Dhalo, women decorate and worship the Tulsi Plant (tulsi Vrindavan – basil plant in a pedestal) as the symbolic representation of the forest goddess.

Earlier people in the region used to depend on the forest for their livelihood. The forest goddess is invoked for blessings of health and prosperity. Women worship the Goddess by singing folk songs and by performing folk dance. It is essentially nature worship – thanking the forest for protecting and providing food.

Community celebrations are held near forests or around huge trees. The sacred trees around which worship and performance take place is known as Rashtroli.