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Ambalpady Temple Timings - Ambalpady Mahakali Temple in Udupi Timings

Ambalpady Temple in Udupi in Karnataka is dedicated to Sri Janardana and Sri Mahakali Temple. Ambalpady Mahakali Temple temple timings of this popular Kali Temple in Udupi region is given below.

Ambalpady Temple Opening and Closing Time: 
5:30 AM to 12:30 PM
3:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Fridays and during Navratri the temple is open for longer hours - 5:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

Temple Address
Sri Janardana and Sri Mahakali Temple,
Udupi District,
Pin - 576103.

The temple is located around 2 km from Udupi KSRTC Bus Station.

Importance Of Visiting Ambalpady Mahakali Temple In Udupi

Visiting the Ambalpady Mahakali Temple in Udupi holds significance on several levels:

Spiritual Significance: The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mahakali, a revered deity in Hinduism associated with power and protection. Devotees visit the temple to seek her blessings for strength, courage, and protection from evil forces.

Cultural Heritage: The temple is not only a place of worship but also a cultural heritage site. It embodies the rich cultural and religious traditions of the region, offering visitors insights into the history and customs of the area.

Architectural Beauty: Like many temples in India, Ambalpady Mahakali Temple features stunning architecture that showcases the skill and craftsmanship of ancient artisans. The intricate carvings, colorful sculptures, and unique architectural elements make it a visual delight for visitors.

Pilgrimage Destination: For many devotees, visiting Ambalpady Mahakali Temple is a part of their pilgrimage journey. Pilgrimages hold immense spiritual significance in Hinduism, providing devotees with an opportunity for introspection, devotion, and spiritual growth.

Community Gathering: Temples often serve as social hubs where people from different walks of life come together to worship, participate in rituals, and celebrate festivals. Visiting Ambalpady Mahakali Temple allows individuals to connect with their community and share in religious and cultural experiences.

Personal Fulfillment: For believers, visiting a sacred place like Ambalpady Mahakali Temple can bring a sense of peace, fulfillment, and spiritual rejuvenation. It offers them a chance to connect with the divine and find solace in their faith.

Overall, the importance of visiting Ambalpady Mahakali Temple in Udupi transcends mere religious rituals; it encompasses spiritual, cultural, and social dimensions that enrich the lives of devotees and visitors alike.