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Book – The Timeless Faith - Dialogues on Hinduism

Book titled ‘The Timeless Faith – Dialogues on Hinduism’ by Deepam Chatterjee attempts to clear many misconceptions and doubts about Hinduism. Many people gather knowledge about Hinduism often from the wrong source. Even many Hindus are happy with superficial knowledge. The net result is that there is lot of confusion. Deepam Chatterjee attempts to guide people who are interested in learning about Hinduism in the right direction. Excerpts from the from the introduction to ‘The Timeless Faith: Dialogues on Hinduism  The hallmark of Hinduism has been its great capacity to mould itself to the lifestyles of people without losing its identity, and helping seekers focus on attaining the transcendent absolute. One may ask, who then, is a true Hindu? A real Hindu is one who searches for the Ultimate Truth and relentlessly pursues answers to questions such as, ‘Who is God? Who am I? What is my purpose? How to know God? What is the Ultimate Truth?’ A true Hindu firmly believes in allowing