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Inspirational Quotes – Sri Chinmoy

We are truly unlimited, if only we dare to try.
When we transcend any aspect of ourselves, our spiritual qualities grow and expand.

Try to be a runner and try all the time to surpass and go beyond all that is bothering you and standing in your way. Be a real runner so that ignorance, limitations, and imperfections will all drop far behind you in the race.
Before the race starts, meditate most soulfully for five minutes. Try to feel that you are not the runner, but that somebody else is running in and through you. While you are running, sometimes it is very difficult to enjoy the race. Either the competitive spirit or frustration is killing you, or your body is not abiding by your mental will. But before you start, if you can convince yourself that you are a divine observer and that somebody else is running in you, through you and for you, then fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and other negative forces will not be able to assail your mind. From the very beginning be spiritually wise; then thro…