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Why Tulsi Leaves are not offered to Shiva in Hindu Pujas and Rituals

Hindu God Shiva is never worshipped with Tulsi leaves. It is also not offered during pujas, rituals and festivals associated Shiva. The reason for this is mentioned in the Shiva Purana.
Legend has it that an Asura named Dambh did not have any children. So he did intense Tapas for several years and pleased Vishnu. When Vishnu appeared before him, he asked for a powerful and invincible son. Vishnu blessed him with a son. Later a son was born to Dambh and he was named Shankhchud. Some scriptures refer to Shankhchud as Jalandhar
Shankhchud wanted to be a conqueror of the three worlds and with this intention he performed tapas and pleased Brahma. As a boon he asked Brahma that no gods should defeat him. Brahma blessed him with Sri Krishna Kavach and advised him to marry Tulsi daughter of Dharmadvaj. Brahma told him that the boon depended on Sri Krishna Kavach and chastity of Tulsi. Tulsi is mentioned as Vrinda in some holy texts.
Once he attained unimaginable powers, Shankhchud attacked the …

Pitru Pandhravda

Pitru Pandhravda is observed during the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad month – fortnight of waning phase of moon – and is dedicated to the departed souls – dead parents and relatives in Maharashtra. Pitru Pandhravda 2018 date is from September 25 to October 8. This fortnight dedicated to the departed souls is known as Pitru Paksha and Mahalya fortnight.
No auspicious ceremony is held during the period. Hindus only eat vegetarian food during the period.
Shradh rituals are offered to dead ancestors and dead family members. The most important Shradh is observed on the Amavasya day (October 8). Other important Shradh dates include Avidhava Navami on October 3, 2018.
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