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Story of Nahusha in Hindu Tradition

Nahusha was a king who had performed 100 Ashwamedha Yajnas. He had become so powerful and was chosen to take the place of Indra by Devas. Indra was then hiding in Manasarovar as result of a curse. once he received the title of Devendra, Nahusha became arrogant. He started to harass women in Devlok. He even did not spare Indrani – the wife of Indra.
Devas and saints tolerated Nahusha as without a leader the Asuras (demons) would attack and defeat them.
Fed up with Nahusha, Indrani approached Brihaspati for help. When Nahusha came to know about this he started created troubles for Rishis. Indrani then approached Indra in Manasarovar. Indra gave her an idea to overcome the womanizer.
Indrani then returned to Devlok and when Nahusha approached her; she said that she will become his wife if he arrives in her palace on a palanquin carried by Maharishis.
Immediately Nahusha ordered for a new palanquin and asked four Maharishis including Sage Agastya to carry him on the palanquin to the palace of…

Contact Information of Priests – Pandas or Pujaris – for Pinda Dan and Pitru Paksha Shradh at Gaya Vishnupad Temple in Bihar

Millions of Hindus perform Pinda Dan and other Shradh rituals at the famous VishnupadTemple at Gaya in Bihar during the Pitru Paksha period (September – October). The help devotees locate priests (Pandas or Pujaris) who perform the rituals and pujas, the Bihar government has published a list of priests of Panda Samaj with phone numbers, other contact information and the regions they represent.
The information provided is in Hindi.
You find the information here at the Gaya District website.
Note – the information is in pdf format you will need pdf reader installed.

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Gautam Nag Yatra

Gautam Nag Yatra is organized to a sacred spot in Anantnag District in Jammu and Kashmir. The sacred place is dedicated to Goutam Rishi. Gautam Nag Yatra 2018 date is September 20. It is annually organized on the Ekadasi day during Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha. The place is also frequented by Amarnath Yatra devotees.
The popular belief is that Gautam Rishi meditated and did penance at Goutam Nag. The picturesque spot is noted for its fruit trees, spring and canals. There is a temple at the spot and a dharmashala.
Devotees take a holy dip at the waters here during the yatra.

Swami Sukhabodhananda – Words of Wisdom

When we say that life is empty and meaningless, what it means is that life is like an empty canvas. Whatever you write on the canvas is the meaning. Not that life is meaningless, but whatever meaning you give to life is the meaning life has for you. One should be wise as to what meaning one gives to life. It should be an empowering meaning. The greatest meaning one can give is transforming oneself and transforming others.
Life can be a process of growing and aging. Growing is adding life to years and aging is adding years to life. Most of us are ageing rather than really growing.
What is the use of all the theories of life and their meaning if you have never tasted life. I would rather eat the pudding than create a theory of pudding.  Sukhabodhananda