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Basis for Marriage is Friendship – Hindu Philosophy of Marriage

This article is written by Dr. Srinivasan is the author of book - The Vedic Wedding: Origins, Tradition and Practice and Hinduism for Dummies
Wife as friend is a very ancient Hindu concept and an ancient Hindu prince known as Yudhishtira revealed this "secret" about 4000 years ago. In an episode known as Yaksha Prashna in that great epic, the Mahabharata, a divine being challenged the prince in exile to answer some questions. 
One of the questions the Yaksha asked Yudhishtira was
"kimsvin mitram grhesatah?" i.e. Who is the friend of a householder?
To which the prince answered “bhaaryaa mitram grhesatah" i.e. the friend of a householder is his spouse.
According to Hindus, therefore, the basis for marriage is friendship and such friendship is the understanding, the promise and the commitment that unites a man and a woman. With such authority, there is then no question about the role of a woman, her importance, her position in this equation that binds them together.

Live Darshan from Govind Devji Temple in Jaipur

Govind Dev Ji Temple at Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, is dedicated to Sri Krishna. Lord Krishna is worshipped here as Govind Devji and the mandir is located in the JaipurCityPalace complex. The official website of the temple is offering live darshan of Govindevji during important puja time.
Link – Online Live Darshan from Govind Devji Temple in Jaipur (click on link)
Note - To view the darshan on the official website click on media player link on left sidebar.

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