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Sri Andal Ashtothram in pdf – Download in Tamil and English

Andal Ashtothram is a popular prayer dedicated to Sri Andal, who is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Bhu Devi. Sri Andal Ashtothram consists of the 108 names of Sri Andal. You can download the prayer in both English and Tamil. Andal during her lifetime penned several verses singing the praise of Sri Ranganatha. Thiruppavai and the Nachiyar Thirumozhi are the famous compositions of Andal.
Link - Sri Andal Ashtothram in pdf in English
Link - Sri Andal Ashtothram in pdf in Tamil
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Satapatha Brahmana Teachings

In the next world, they place good and evil deeds in a balance whichever of the two shall outweigh the other that He shall follow, whether it is good or evil. Now whosoever knows this places himself in the balance in this world and is freed from being weighted in the next world, it is by good deeds and not by bad that his scale outweighs.

Purification with water is necessary before any holy activity because man is impure on account of speaking or practicing untruth. Through water internal purification is achieved.
Sinful work of past is erased with righteous work of present. Satapatha Brahmana