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Vara Ganapati

Vara Ganapati is one among the 32 forms of Ganesh and he has Pushti Devi as his consort. The popular belief is that this form of Ganapathi can be easily pleased and He fulfills all the desires. Vara Ganapati mantra is
Sindhoorabhimabhananam trinayam haste cha pashankushou
Bibhranam madhumat kapalamanisham sadhivindumouli bhaje
Pushtyashilshyathatanum dhvajagrakarayaa padyollasadhastyaa
Tadhyonyahita panimattamasumata patrollasat Pushkaram
Vara Ganapathi is depicted as having a vermilion complexion. This form has a third eye on the forehead. The four hands hold a crescent moon, noose, goad and Pushti Devi. The Goddess is depicted as holding lotus and a flag.
This is a happy form of Ganesha.
Exclusive temples dedicated to this form of Ganapati is very rare. But this form is found as subsidiary deity in some temples in Karnataka.

Dev Podhi Agyaras

Devo Podhi Agyaras marks the beginning of the Chatur Maas in western parts of India especially in Gujarat and Maharashtra. It begins on the Shukla Paksha Ekadasi day in Ashad Month and ends on the Shukla Paksha Ekadasi day in Kartik Month. Dev Podhi Agyaras 2017 date is on July 4, 2017. The popular belief is that the period of four months is when Vishnu goes to sleep.
Certain Vishnu temples especially those dedicated to Vithal – Rukmini organize processions to mark the Devo Podhi Agyaras.
Marriages and most auspicious ceremonies are not held from the Dev Podhi Agyaras day till the end of the Chatur Masa.

In 2017, Devo Podhi Agyaras ends on October 31.

Baphuon Temple in Cambodia Restored – World's Largest Three Dimensional Puzzle

Located in Cambodia, Baphuon is an 11th-century temple built to honor Hindu God Shiva. Baphuon was in ruins – what was left was 300,000 of the sandstone blocks. None of the blocks were of the same dimensions. No mortar was used to fix the stones. This means like in a puzzle each stone had a proper place in the structure. Now the temple has been restored and is open to public.

BaphuonTemple restoration was first started in 1960 but had to be stopped due to civil war and later the Khmer Rouge that came to power in 1975 destroyed all the documents related to restoration.

The restoration was restarted in 1995 and was funded by the French Government – under the leadership of architect Pascal Royere from the Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient (EFEO).
Built around 1060 by King Udayadityavarman II in honour of the Hindu god Shiva, Baphuon is 35 meters high (114 feet) and measuring 130 by 104 meters (426 x 340 feet). Mysinchew reports
The story of the 10-million-euro ($14m) renovation began in th…

The idea that there is a goal is wrong – We are the goal – Ramana Maharishi – Words to Ponder

The cause of your misery is not in your outer life; it is in you, as your ego. You impose limitations on yourself and then make a vain struggle to transcend them.

We loosely talk of Self-Realization, for lack of a better term. But how can one realize or make real that which alone is real? All we need to do is to give up our habit of regarding as real that which is unreal. All religious practices are meant solely to help us do this. When we stop regarding the unreal as real, then reality alone will remain, and we will be that.
The idea that there is a goal…is wrong. We are the goal; we are always at peace. To get rid of the idea that we are not at peace is all that is required. Ramana Maharishi