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Panchagavya Prashna in Ashada Month

Panchagavya Prashna is observed in Ashada month by certain Hindu communities in South India. The ritual involves consuming of Panchagavya, a combination of five products – milk, curd, ghee, cow urine and cow dung. Panchagavya Prashna 2018 date is July 24. It is believed this helps in checking various diseases and is consumed as part of the Chaturmasa Vrata.

Panchagavya Prashna is observed on the 12th day during the waxing phase of moon in Ashada month – Ashad Shukla Paksha Dwadasi.
The four month Chatur Masa Vrata begins on the previous day of Panchagavya Prashna.
It is also performed to overcome the effects of Tamasic food consumed during the previous year.

Book Review – 99 Thoughts on Ganesha

99 Thoughts on Ganesha by Devdutt Pattanaik explores the stories, rituals and symbols associated with Hindu God Ganesha. There is no dearth of books on Ganesh. Perhaps he is the most widely written Hindu deity. So what new has Devdutt Pattanaik got to offer in ‘99 Thoughts on Ganesha.’ A lot.
This one book covers almost all the important symbols associated with Ganesha. Some rituals and many of the important stories are narrated with their source and historic details.
The 99 thoughts have unique titles which give a general idea of the topic. Simple language and to the point narration makes the book readable.
One of the 99 Thoughts on Ganesha
Ravan (Divine v/s nature's call)
Shiva once allowed the demon king Ravana to carry him to the city of Lanka in the form of a linga, on condition that the sacred stone should never be placed on the ground before reaching its destination. The gods feared that no sooner did the linga reach Lanka than Ravana would become invincible. So they sought t…

Universe is a great man, and a man is a little universe – Wisdom from Upanishads

Those wise men who see that the consciousness within themselves is the same consciousness within all conscious beings attain eternal peace.
Into blind darkness pass they who worship ignorance; into still greater darkness they who are content with intellectual knowledge.
Universe is a great man, and a man is a little universe.
Concealed in the heart of all beings is the Atman, the Spirit, the Self – smaller than the smallest, greater than the Vast spaces. Upanishads