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Golconda Bonalu at Sri Jagdamba Mahankali Temple at Golconda Fort in Hyderabad

Bonalu is dedicated to Amman – Mother Goddess – and is observed on all Sundays in Ashada month in the Telangana Region in India. The first Sunday Bonalu is observed at the SriJagdambaMahankaliTemple at Golconda Fort. Sundays and Thursdays are chosen to observe the ritual. In 2017, Bonalu ritual will be held on June 25, July 2, July 9, July 16 and July 23. Goddess Mahankali is offered special prayers during Bonalu. The main ritual involves bonam – cooked rice and jaggery.
In Bonalu, devotees take out jhoola and ratham procession to the temple and offer bonam, containing cooked rice mixed with jaggery in a pot along with neem leaves and saka (pure water). The highlight of the procession is men adorning the role of Potharaju - brother of Goddess Mahankali. They lead the processions.
The other famous Bonalu in Hyderabad are held at the Lal Darwaza Mahankali temple and the UjjainMahankaliTemple.

Read more about Bonalu festival in this article - origin and festivities of Bonalu in Telengana

Ekakshara Ganapati – Meditative form of Ganesha

Ekakshara Ganapati is one among the 32 forms of Ganesha. In this form, Ganesha symoblises the primordial sound ‘OM.’ Ekakshara is a meditative form of Ganesha and the belief is that this form helps in controlling the sense and mind. Ekakshara Ganapati Mantra is
Raktorakangangkasha kusumayutah tundialah chandramoulih
Nethraih yuktistribhih vamanakaracharano beejapundadhanah
Hastagra kalusa pashankasharada varado Nagavaktrohi bhoosho
Devaha padamasano no havatu natsuro bhootayae vighnarajaha!!

Ekakshara Ganapati meditates on a lotus flower. A unique aspect of this form is that it has three eyes like Shiva.

This form has four hands and holds noose, goad, modak (sweet ball) and a broken tusk. A crescent moon is shown on his hair. The ornaments around the stomach are in the form of snakes.

In some Puranas, it is stated that this form should be depicted as riding on mouse, the Vahana of Ganesha.

Ekakshara Ganapati helps in meditation. Constant prayers help to keep the wandering mind in check.

Osmosis Conservation Technique used to Preserved Mahabalipuram Monuments

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Mamallapuram Temples, earlier known as Mahabalipuram, is located along the Coromandel Coast in Tamil Nadu. The monuments are under constant from the sea and salt. Salt particles settling down in crystalline and hydrated forms are a constant threat to the monuments. To overcome this unique problem, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) is using a unique method of conservation - Osmosis.

A pulp mix made using bloating paper is used to remove the saline particles. The pulp absorbs the water and the salt gets collected on blotting papers. Deccan Herald reports
As one heading ASI experts team in cleaning and preserving techniques, Rana told ‘Deccan Herald’, when reached over phone on the work going on at Mamallap­uram, that the main problem faced there in protecting the ‘Shore Temple’ and other structures was due to “salt spray from the sea”. Salt particles settling down in crystalline and hydrated forms is “very dange­rous to the structure”, he explained.…

Swami Rama – Pearls of Wisdom

If you really want to examine your strength, see how many times in a day you are disturbed.
All the things of the world belong to God though they are for you. Enjoy them, but never forget that they are not yours.
Time is greatest of all filters, and ideas the best of all wealth.
Meditation can introduce you to yourself.
Discipline is guiding the power in you, not depressing it.
Swami Rama