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Thirukadaiyur Abirami Temple in Tamil Nadu – To Celebrate 60th birthday

ThirukadaiyurAbiramiTemple at Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu is famous for celebrating Shastipoorthi or the 60th birthday. It is believed that observing poojas, prayers and rituals here on the 60th birthday is highly meritorious. The main pooja is the Sashtipoorthi Puja. The popular belief is that Shiva had saved Sage Markandeya from Yama, the god of death, here and blessed him with immortality. ThirukadaiyurTemple is known as AmirthakadeshwararAbiramiTemple – dedicated to Shiva and Parvati. Another important deity in the temple is Ganesha. Thirukadaiyur is located on the Mayiladuthurai – Karaikal Road. TempleTimings: 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM Phone - +91 - 4364 - 287183 / 287378 Other contact details are[email protected], [email protected]
Railway Station - Nearest important Railway Station is at Mayiladuthurai Related Virtual Tour of ThirukadaiyurAbiramiAmmanTemple in Tamil Nadu

Athirathram Trivia – Yagashala during Vedic Yajna

The Yagashala is built using bamboo and is thatched with palm leaves. Particular care is taken that iron or other metals are not used. All measurements of the Yagashala are the multiples or divisible of the height of the Yajamana – the head priest who performs the sacrifice – when he stands upright with his arms raised in a posture of supplication. The yagashala has several chambers each intended for different rites during the Vedic Yajna. You may also like to read Kerala Panjal Vedic Yajna Athirathram 1975 Photos – A Look Back as Athirathram 2011 is on Vedic Yajna in Kerala – The World’s Oldest Surviving Ritual – Athirathram from April 4, 2011

Sri Chinmoy – Pearls of Wisdom

If we know the divine art of concentration, if we know the divine art of meditation, if we know the divine art of contemplation, easily and consciously we can unite the inner world and the outer world. There comes a time in the seeker’s life when he discovers that he is at once the lover and the beloved. The aspiring soul which he embodies is the lover in him. And the transcendental Self which he reveals from within is his Beloved. Divine time means timeless time. When you are consciously thinking of something divine, immediately eternal time comes and shakes hands with you.
Sri Chinmoy