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Phulpati during Dashain Navratri in Nepal

Phulpati is observed on the Saptami or the seventh day of the Navratri in Nepal. Navratri in Nepal is known as Dashain. It is known as Phulpati as flowers, shrubs and herbs are offered to Goddess Durga on the day. Phulpati in 2024 is on October 10.

Families collect flowers, herbs, and shrubs from forests and bring to home and are offered to Durga.

For the main event in temples, priests go in search of the sacred herbs and flowers and bring it to the Dashain Ghar at Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu from the Gorkha Durbar on foot and are offered to Goddess Durga.

Nepal Army organizes a special parade at Kathmandu on the occasion of Phulpati.