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Story Of Birth Of Radha As A Blind Child - Krishna Giving Sight

There is an interesting story associated with the birth of Radha as a blind child. Radha was hesitant to take birth on earth before the birth of Sri Krishna. Vishnu tried to convince Lakshmi but she was not ready to appear on earth when Vishnu was still in Vaikunta. Finally, She agreed on the condition that She will open her eyes on earth only when Krishna appears before Her. Vishnu agreed to this condition.

Days later, Vishabhanu, a local chieftain, finds baby Radha floating on a huge lotus in Yamuna River. Vishal Bhanu was happy to see the baby girl and took her home. He and his wife named the baby girl Radha. But the couple soon noticed that Radha is not opening her eyes. The couple then constantly prays for the eyesight of the child.

Radha is now five years and Sage Narada pay visit to the home of Vishabhanu. The worried father asks for a solution to his child’s blindness. Narada who knew the reason for Radha not opening her eyes asked Vishabhanu to invite Nanda Rai and Yashoda to his home as they have had a child – Krishna.

Vishabhanu then invites Nanda Rai to his home.

Soon, Nanda Rai, Yashoda, Rohini, Balarama and Krishna arrive at Visha Bhanu’s home.

The guests were eager to see Radha and Vishabhanu brings blind Radha.

Radha immediately recognizes the presence of Krishna and opens her eyes. The first thing that she sees on earth is Little Krishna.

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