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Australian Radio Host Called Holy River Ganga Junkyard – Because We Hindus Made It One

Australian Radio Host Kyle Sandilands in his "Kyle and Jacky O" show called Holy River Ganga a Junkyard and he is facing criticism from the Indian community over his reportedly derogatory comments. But it is we Hindus who give opportunity to people like Kyle Sandilands to make such insulting comments.  Truth Hurts – Mother Ganga provides food and life to millions of people and in return we have filled Mother Ganga with all possible waste. Stop getting hyper and jingoistic. Instead think for a minute and do our bit to clean up Ganga.

  • More than 1 billion liters of raw, untreated sewage is dumped into Holy River Ganga on a daily basis.
  • More than 400 million people live along the Ganges River.
  • Hundreds of human bodies, cattle and other animal carcasses are also dumped in the Ganga.
  • Thanks to politicians and vested interests – there is no clear data regarding industrial waste pumped into Ganga.
  • As per the UECPCB study, while the level of coliform present in water should be below 50 for drinking purposes, less than 500 for bathing and below 5000 for agricultural use—the present level of coliform in Ganga at Haridwar has reached 5500.
What Mother Ganga will do - If we do not change then all providing Mother Ganga will take the form of Goddess Kali in near future to annihilate all Adharma. There is a limit to which a mother can tolerate the bad of her children. If she can give life, she can also take it back.

Source of River Ganga - the Gangotri Glacier, a vast expanse of ice five miles by fifteen, at the foothills of the Himalayas (14000 ft) in Uttarakhand is the source of Bhagirathi River, which joins with Alaknanda River, to form Ganga at Devprayag. Global warming is shrinking the Gangotri Glacier.

Length of the River - From Devprayag to the Bay of Bengal and the vast Sunderbans delta, the Ganga flows some 1550 miles, passing through some of the most populous cities of India, including Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna, and Kolkata.