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Vijaya Ganapati - Mantra - Benefits - Symbolism

Vijaya Ganapati is a unique form of Hindu God Ganesha as he is seen riding a mouse. This is one among the 32 forms of Ganesh. The popular belief is that worship of Vijaya Ganapathi will help in the instant removal of problems in life.

Vijaya Ganapati mantra is
Pashankusha Svadhantamra Phalavan Akhuvahanah!
Vighnam Nihantu Nah Sarvam Raktavarno Vinayakah!!

Vijaya Ganapati Form

Vijaya Ganapati is depicted as having four hands – the hands hold rope, hook, broken tusk and a mango. The body color of this form is blood red. Another speciality of this form is that it is shown riding the mouse – the vehicle or vahana of Ganesh.

 Vijaya Ganapati Symbolism

The depiction of Vijaya Ganapati with four hands holding specific objects and riding a mouse carries rich symbolism within Hindu mythology:

Four Hands: Each hand of Vijaya Ganapati holds a symbolic object:

Rope (Pasha): Represents the power to bind desires and attachments, symbolizing control over worldly temptations and attachments.

Hook (Ankusha): Symbolizes the ability to steer and control the mind and intellect, guiding them towards righteousness and truth.

Broken Tusk (Tusk): Ganapati's broken tusk symbolizes sacrifice and the willingness to give up something of value for a greater cause. It also represents the idea that imperfection can still be beautiful and meaningful.

Mango (Modaka): The mango is a symbol of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. It represents the sweet rewards of spiritual practice and the fulfillment that comes from spiritual enlightenment.

Blood Red Color: The blood-red color of Vijaya Ganapati's body symbolizes power, energy, and vitality. It signifies the fierce and victorious aspect of Ganapati, highlighting his ability to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Riding a Mouse (Vahana): Ganapati is often depicted riding a mouse, which serves as his vehicle (vahana). The mouse symbolizes humility, resourcefulness, and the ability to overcome obstacles despite being small and seemingly insignificant. By riding the mouse, Ganapati demonstrates mastery over his ego and the ability to navigate through life's challenges with grace and determination.

Overall, the symbolism of Vijaya Ganapati emphasizes qualities such as strength, wisdom, control, sacrifice, and humility, all of which are essential for spiritual growth and success in overcoming life's obstacles.

Benefits of Worshipping Vijaya Ganpati Form

Vijaya means victory or success. This form Ganapati grants its devotees success in all ventures.