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Number of Times Arati Should Be Circled For Vishnu – Ganesh – Shiva

While performing pujas and rituals in Hinduism, Arati is a must. The traditional lamp is circled in front of the deity number of times. The general rule is that the lamp should be circled 12 times in front of the Murti of Vishnu. The Arati should be circled 11 times around Shiva, four times around Ganesha, nine times in front of Durga and it is seven times for Surya.
This rule is strictly followed by many Hindu communities in North India.

There are no strict rules in Hindu tradition, so the number of times the Arati is circled varies from region to region and from community to community. But most people make it a point that at least one time or three times the Arati is circled.

In Hinduism, what matters is not rules but devotion. Unwavering devotion can bring about change in life. This aspect is explained through stories in epics, Puranas and other Hindu scriptures.