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How Lord Muruga Got the Name Guha?

Guha is one among the numerous names of Lord Muruga. He is the son of Shiva and is popularly known as Kartik in North India and as Muruga and Subrahmanya in South India and among Tamil and Malayali communities around the world. Here is how Lord Muruga got the name Guha?

Shiva and Goddess Parvati was engaged in cosmic bliss for many eons and was disturbed by Devas who wanted his help to defeat demon Tarakasura. Shiva thus accidentally dropped his semen.The fiery seed that fell from Shiva could not be held by Earth. Mother Earth cannot bear the heat. She took the help of Agni, the Hindu God of Fire. Agni took the form of a dove and swallowed the fiery seed.

But he too could not tolerate the heat. He deposited it in the Himalayas. Himavan the king of mountain could not bear the fierce heat that emanated from the seed. So He deposited it in the River Ganga.

Ganga Maa carried the seed and deposited it on clump of grass on its banks. The grass acted as womb and nurtured the fetus. And Muruga or Kartik was born.

Sage Vishvamitra happened to see the divine child and was amazed to see his brilliance.

On being asked about the parentage of the, the child replied that know him to be Guha – they mysterious one.

Muruga got the name Guha due to his unusual and mysterious birth.