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Heramba Ganapati – 32 forms of Ganesha

Heramba Ganapati is one among the 32 forms of Hindu God Ganesha. Those people who lack confidence in facing problems of life worship this form of Ganesh. This form is also a protector of weak. Heramba Ganapati mantra is – Abhaya varadahastah paashadantakshamala
Srini parashu dadhaano mudgaram modakam cha!
Phalamadhi gatasimhah panchamaatanga vakthrah
Ganapatiratigaurah paatu herambanamaa!!

This is a very rare form of Ganesha as it has five faces and ten hands. One hand is in blessing posture. Another hand is in boon giving posture. Reminding hands hold a goad, a rope, a tusk, a rudraksha mala, axe, modak and apple.
The Vehicle (vahana) of Heramba Ganapati is a lion.

Fear about future is removed by the meditation of this form of Ganesha.
Exclusive temple dedicated to Heramba Ganapati is very rare. But this form is worshipped as subsidiary deity at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. 

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