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Budhwa Mangal in March 2018 – Budhawa Mangal in Chaitra Month

Budhwa Mangal is dedicated to Hanuman and is observed on Tuesday or Mangalwar in certain months as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Next Budhwa Mangal is on March 6, 2018. This is Budhawa Mangal in Chaitra Month. The day is also known as Bada Mangal.

Generally, in North India Mangalvar or Tuesday in a week is dedicated to the worship of Hanuman.

Special pujas and rituals are observed on the Budhwa Mangal day with thousands of people visiting Hanuman Temples. People also chant the Hanuman Chalisa on the day.

This particular Budhwa Mangal is the one observed on the Tuesday falling after Holi festival.