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Budhwa Mangal 2024 date – Budhawa Mangal Dedicated to Hanuman

Budhwa Mangal is dedicated to Hanuman and is observed on Tuesday or Mangalwar in certain months as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. It is observed after Holi in Chaitra month (March 26, 2024) and on the last Tuesday in the Bhadrapad month. Budhwa Mangal 2024 date in Bhadrapad Month is September 17. (In some regions it is also observed during the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad month and this is on August 20, 2024.)

NoteBada Mangal observed in certain parts of Uttar Pradesh in Jyeshta month (May - June) is also referred to as Budhwa Mangal.

Budhwa Mangal is also marked in Chaitra month in some regions as Vridh Angarak.

Budhwa Mangal Mantra

ॐ नमो हनुमते रुद्रावताराय विश्वरूपाय अमित विक्रमाय प्रकटपराक्रमाय महाबलाय सूर्य कोटिसमप्रभाय रामदूताय स्वाहा।
Om Namo Hanumate Rudravataraya Vishwaroopaya Amita Vikramaya Prakatparakramaya Mahabalaya Surya Koti Samprabhaya Ramadootaya Swaha.

Chant the mantra 108 times on Budhwa Mangal for peace and prosperity in life.

Budhwa Mangal After Holi

Next Budhwa Mangal after Holi festival is on March 26, 2024. This is Budhwa Mangal in Chaitra Month. The day is also known as Bada Mangal.

Generally, in North India Mangalwar or Tuesday in a week is dedicated to the worship of Hanuman.

Special pujas and rituals are observed on the Budhwa Mangal day with thousands of people visiting Hanuman Temples. People also chant the Hanuman Chalisa on the day.

This is observed on the first Tuesday after Holi Festival.

Budhwa Mangal On Last Tuesday in Bhadrapad Month

The budhwa mangal on the last Tuesday in Bhadrapad month is based on the belief that Hanuman Ji had burned Lanka on this day. The burning of Lanka by Hanuman is a famous incident in the Ramayana.

After destroying Ashoka Vatika and killing of a son of Ravana, Hanuman allowed himself to be captured. When Hanuman was brought before Ravana, Hanuman advised the demon king to follow the path of Dharma and release Mata Sita. But Ravana did not listen to the advice and ordered the tail of Hanuman to be set on fire.

Hanuman then set Lanka on fire and gave a warning to Ravana about what is in store in future for him.

Meaning of Budhwa Mangal

It is said that Hanuman grew in size and displayed in Virat Roopa (cosmic form). He then produced Vadvanal (बड़वानल ) Agni on his tail. 

Budhwa (बुढ़वा ) Mangal takes the name from the Vadvanal Agni that was created by Hanuman on the day. Mangal means Tuesday

It is believed that 25 days after Budhwa Mangal, Ravana was killed on Dasara day.

What to do on Budhwa Mangal?
  • Visit a Hanuman Temple and have darshan of Hanuman Ji.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Feed animals on the day.
Benefits of Puja and Prayers on Budhwa Mangal?
  • To find relief to various problems in life.
  • To achieve success in new endeavors.
  • To get a job early.
  • Things in life that is facing problems will be solved.
  • For desire fulfillment.