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Plant a Tree Online – Be part of Mangrove Project at Rukhmani Temple in Dwarka in Gujarat

The Mangrove Project at RukhmaniTemple in Dwarka in Gujarat aims to restore the mangrove cover on 50 acres of inter-tidal mudflats at the RukhmaniTemple creek site in Dwarka. The project is carried out by official Partner of the United Nations Environment Program's Billion Tree Campaign. The project is in association with Tata Chemicals and you can plant a mangrove plant online by paying just Rupees 50/-. You can find more about the Mangrove Project at RukhmaniTemple and other green initiatives of here at the official website.

Teachings of Ramana Maharishi on Will and Fate

When the fruit of action is pleasant, man thinks that will is stronger than fate. But when the fruit of action is otherwise, he thinks that fate is stronger. Only he that thinks ‘I am the doer of actions and the recipient of the fruits of actions’ takes the distinction between the intellect [will] and fate as real. But the Self is neither the doer nor the recipient of the fruits of actions. Fate is only action done before, and all action is done by the will. Hence the pair of will and fate is only unreal. How can their antagonism be real? Since the root of [both] will and fate is the ego, this pair will cease to appear when the ego dies in the pursuit of the quest of the real Self. [Hence,] the sage is not aware of the distinction between free will and fate. The sage, who is mind-free and hence free from attachments, and without a [personal] will, does not become a doer of actions, nor does he reap the fruits of actions. Therefore, he is not aware of the distinction between free will an…