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Swami Turiyananda Motivational Quotes

Stubbornness is not strength. Stubbornness merely hides one’s weakness. Strong is he who is flexible like steel and does not break. Strong is he who can live in harmony with many people and heed opinions other than his own. The waves (in the ocean) will never subside. Then how to bathe? He who bathes amidst the waves, he alone takes his bath. In the same manner, he who is able to pray amidst pleasure and pain, disease and sorrow, misery and Poverty — he alone is capable of calling on the Lord. On the other hand, he who says, ‘Let the proper time come; then I shall pray’— he will never do it. Very few people have everything just as they want it. Swami TuriyanandaAssociated with the Ramakrishna Mission