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Soul can be covered with your activities but it cannot be destroyed – Osho

When a well is dug, first of all it is stones, pebbles and mud which come out and not the water. It depends on the land also. Somewhere the water is at thirty feet and somewhere the water is at sixty feet deep. Water is certainly there. Every land has water underneath it but the difference is of depth.

A simple-minded person will get the water soon – maybe at two, three or ten feet, and if a complicated person digs then he may get it at fifty or sixty feet. An innocent-minded person will get it quickly, but a violent, angry man will take a long time to reach the water level. The difference is in the layers of the land. Water is underneath all land.

The soul is there in everyone, godliness is there in everyone – the difference is in the layers of past actions. When you start digging you cannot straight away get the divine, you will get only the layers of actions because these surround it. When you first of all start digging the well you only get stones and pebbles. Do not get dejected…