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What is the Number of Wicks in a Traditional Hindu Lamp during Puja?

The number of wicks (battis or thiri) that are lit in a traditional Hindu lamp is a confusion for many Hindus. There are numerous theories regarding the number of wicks. But the traditional and widely accepted number of wick is 1 or 2 or 5 or 7. One wick indicates good health, two wicks indicate prosperity, five wicks indicate auspiciousness and peace and seven wicks indicate success. It is also believed by some communities that daily lighting two wicks in a traditional lamp in the evening is good for children in the home. It is also believed to bring in prosperity. Some people are of the view that lighting three wicks will bring diseases and troubles. Lighting four wicks is believed to create poverty. It is also said that before lighting the lamp one should keep the surroundings and the home clean. Otherwise the lamp lit will be an invitation to Alakshmi – who destroy peace, causes bad luck and creates economic downfall.

World’s Tallest Hanuman Idol – Tallest Hanuman Statue at Parital in India

World’s Tallest Hanuman statue is located at Parital in Krishna District near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh in India. The Paritala Hanuman is known as Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami and is 135 feet high (41 meter). The murti is located on Vijayawada – Hyderabad National Highway 9. The location is around 25 km from Vijayawada.
The second tallest Hanuman Murti is 108 feet and is located at Shimla in Himachal Pradesh in India and was inaugurated in November 2010.

Swami Bhuteshananda Thoughts

Remind your own self to go back to your abode. It is an alien land where you have come just for a few days; this is not your permanent home. Peace lies in going back to our own eternal home. So long we live in this world, we shall have to go and come back, again and again, and pass through this cycle of birth and death, pleasures and pains. Abiding peace is not possible here. If we examine the world as it appears to us, and determine the truth of it, we shall realize the truth about God. Then we would know that this world is impermanent and is full of miseries. Perhaps there are some traces of happiness, which only intensify our burden of miseries! Whenever we are distressed, we think that perhaps we could have avoided it had we been a little more intelligent. We keep trying in several ways to avoid the misery and think that we may thus deceive or escape from the jaws of Time. But one can never deceive the Time; it has bound us hand and foot. When the right moment comes, we will be powe…