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Pushkaram at Kaleshwaram Temple In Telangana - Pranahita Pushkaralu

Pranahita Pushkaralu is an important ritual that takes place at the Kaleshwaram Temple  in Telangana. The Pushkaram begins April 13, 2022 and concludes on April 24, 2022. The Pranahita Pushkaralu is held once in twelve years and attracts thousands of devotees. The popular belief is that Kaleshwaram is the Triveni Sangamam or the meeting point of Pranahita River , Godavari River and the Saraswati River . Devotees will be taking bath at the confluence of Godavari River and Pranahita River during the Pushkaram. Pranahita River merges with the Godavari River at Kaleshwaram, which is around 130 km from Karimnagar in Telangana. A Pushkaram takes place once in 12 years when Jupitar (Brihaspati) enters a particular zodiac. There are total of 12 rivers where Pushkaram  takes place.

Online Course in Hinduism

Doctor of Philosophy in Hinduism (Ph.D in Hinduism) is an online course offered by Almeda University . Established in 1997, Almeda University is an online institute and it provides Doctorate and Master Degree Programs in business and theology. Almeda claims that students earning this Doctoral degree will acquire and demonstrate a mastery of Hinduism on all levels. Almeda University Websites writes Hinduism is a religion of deep history and complex spirituality, with unique philosophical and metaphysical components that are typically explored only on a surface level in Western analysis of religion. Almeda University is proud to fill this disconcerting void by offering a Ph.D. in Hinduism that provides a deep analysis of its historical significance and evolution, core beliefs, cultural impact, worship rituals, and contemporary practice. Students earning this Doctoral degree will acquire and demonstrate a mastery of Hinduism on all levels. This includes an in-depth examination of it