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Silk Sarees without Killing the Silkworms – Ahimsa Silk

To make a single silk sari 10,000 silkworms are boiled alive and killed. Majority of the Hindu women who wear silk saris are vegetarians but might not be aware that the pure silk saree that they wear and proudly display in marriages and temples is the product of one of the most non-violent violent method of cloth production. But there are silk saris that are produced without killing the silkworms – it is the Ahimsa Silk. The method of producing silk without boiling and killing the silkworms was founded by Kusuma Rajaiah, a senior technical officer with Andhra Pradesh State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society Ltd (APCO). Next time when you decide to buy a silk sari there is an option to buy and promote non-violent silk saris sold by Andhra Pradesh State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society Ltd (APCO). So how is Ahimsa Silk or Silk produced without killing the silkworms? Rama Devi Menon from Hyderabad writes about it in The Weekend Leader The caterpillars of silkworm feed on mulberry lea…

Mitra Saptami – Margashirsh Surya Mitra Saptami 2018 date

Mitra Saptami is an auspicious day dedicated to Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. Mitra Saptami 2018 date is December 14. It is observed on the seventh day or the saptami day during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Margashirsha month.

Mitra is one among the numerous names of Surya or Sun God. Surya Bhagavan is also believed to be an incarnation of Srihari Vishnu.

It must be noted that Surya is worshipped on the seventh day or the saptami day during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of various Hindu months under different names like Bhanu Saptami, Ratha Saptami etc.

Swamini Vimalananda Thoughts

We call actions thoughtless, indifferent, halfhearted, distracted, mechanical, well planned, focused, kind, cruel etc. depending on the emotions and thoughts behind them. The namskara of an airhostess is often called mechanical, the handshake of a diplomat formal, the promises of a politician false, etc. Such actions lack the right emotions and thought behind them. They are therefore devoid of true or good essence. We call the smile of a child genuine, the words of a saint touching or the masterpiece of an artist inspired, for these actions have in them the essence of truth, goodness or appropriateness. Such actions or conduct backed by the right emotions and thoughts is called Sadachara. Swamini Vimalanandaassociated with the Chinmaya Mission