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Shodashopachara – How to perform Shodashopachar Puja?

Shodashopachara is a way of performing a Hindu daily puja to Hindu deities. This involves 16 steps of puja and is performed by some Hindus daily and by others only on special occasions. Some people perform Shodashopachar Puja once in a week, fortnight or month. Avaahan – Welcoming the deity Asan – Seating of the deity Padya – Washing feet Arghya – Offering water to wash hands Achman – Offering water to sip and wash mouth Snan – Bathing of deity Vastra – Offering fresh clothes and decorations Changing Janai – Fresh scared thread Gandha – Offering aromatic substances Pushpa – Offering flowers Dhoop – Burning incense Deep – Waving lights Naivadya – Offering food Tambool – Offering betel leaves, betel nuts, camphor etc Pradakshina – Prostrations before the deity and going around the deity Pushpanjali – Offering flowers and final prayers.

Biggest Statue (Murti) of Hanuman in Africa at Chatsworth Shri Vishnu Temple in Durban in South Africa

Shri Vishnu Temple Society at Chatsworth in Durban in South Africa will unveil what it believes is the largest murti (statue) of Hindu God Hanuman in Africa in December 2010. Chatsworth is a township in Durban, South Africa, and the 13m high Hanuman Murti (referred as the Monkey God here) is to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Indians in South Africa. Timeslive South Africa reports Project co-ordinator LC Maharaj said the statue, which is 13m high, including the umbrella over the head of the deity, was "in praise of the Almighty, without which the survival and success of Indians in South Africa would never have been possible". "The atmosphere at our temple has been unbelievable. Devotees have volunteered their services to our worthwhile cause, and despite the great progress made so far, we still require some funding." He said the statue, which still requires plastering and painting, would be officially unveiled at the beginning of December. Accord…

Chhada Khai

Chhada Khai is the day after Purnima or full moon day in Kartik month in Orissa. Chhada Khai 2018 date is November 23. Kartik is a holy month in Orissa and people avoid non-vegetarian food for the entire month. Numerous rituals and auspicious days fall in this month. So on the first day after the Kartik month, people cook and eat their favorite non-vegetarian food.

Chhada Khai is observed on the first day of the Margashir month.

Baba Ramdev Quotes

To live life for trivial pursuits is an insult to life. If we make full use of our potential, we can become great persons, apostle and super persons. A fault finder likes to look inside and out of the life of others, but does not want to look inside and out of himself. There should be firmness, not stubbornness; bravery not rashness, compassion, not weakness.
Always keep your face happy and smiling. Give happiness to others, and you will get happiness. Never forget your past; remembering our past save us from going wrong. Baba Ramdev