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Sanskrit Encyclopaedia Project of Deccan College in Pune

The work on Sanskrit Encyclopaedia began in 1948 AD and only one-tenth of the Encyclopaedia has been completed. Recently the 26th edition of the encyclopedic dictionary of Sanskrit on historical principles was released at DeccanCollege in Pune. The main aim of the Sanskrit Encyclopaedia is to provide the user all the relevant information about Sanskrit words such as their earliest occurrence, the entire range of their meanings, the changes in their meanings with time as well as their status as current or obsolete. Those involved in the project are of the hope that with new technology available the project will be completed in near future. The mammoth project covers spatial and temporal dimensions to comparative and historical linguistics,, Sanskrit of inscriptional texts and the entire range of Sanskrit texts on historical principles. Express India reports The head of department of Sanskrit and Lexicography, Deccan College, Prof JD Sathe, who is also the current coordinator for the proj…

Papa Ramdas Teachings

Ordinary love based on the physical affinity is a source of miserly both to the lover and the loved. But Divine Love based on the feeling of spiritual oneness is sublime. It is a source of pure bliss. Here you love another not because he is a relation of yours, but because you and he are one in Spirit. The greatness of man does not lie in this vast riches, exalted position, and name and fame, but in the qualities of the heart. If his heart is pure, free, forgiving, compassionate and humble then he is great. The sense of duality vanishes completely once you realize your identity with God. You and He become one. The drop becomes one with the ocean.
Papa Ramdas