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Swami Sukhabodhananda – Food for thought

Live your life with passion. Edmund Hillary, the first to climb Mount Everest with Tenzing Norgay, had faced failure thrice, earlier.
Later at a party hosted in his honour in New Zealand, he looked at the portrait of Mount Everest and remarked: "Mt Everest has a cannot grow more than 29,000 feet, but I can grow in my ability to climb farther than that." That's passion.
Our lower self is jeevatma and the higher self is Paramatma. One can operate from either level. Operating from the higher self consistently generates enthusiasm.
Any situation viewed as threat is an example of one involving the lower self that operates as an obstructing thought. The higher self operates as a supporting thought.

When our psychological immune system is weak, we are prone to perceive external situations as dangerous or as obstruction. It only calls for strengthening the psychological immune system so as to be powerful individuals.

How do you make it powerful? Just like how we…