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Museum Based On the life of Lord Ram and Ramayana

Ram Katha Hastshilp Sangrahlaya located at Tulsi Smarak Bhawan in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh is unique museum dedicated to the life of Sri Ram and other aspects of Epic Ramayana. The museum is an initiative of Ayodhya Research Institute (ARI), an entity of the Uttar Pradesh department of culture. The museum attempts to present the life of Sri Rama through handicrafts, paintings, sculptures and other art works. Indian Express reports “For a common person, this museum presents a complete view of Ram in folk across the country. I have never gone beyond Lucknow or Ayodhya, but through this gallery, I am aware of at least 10 forms where Ramayana is used as a theme,” says Ajayendra Kumar, a regular visitor. The director of the Institute, Dr YP Singh says, “The story of Lord Ram is one story that connects the entire country. Whether it is the Pattua style of folk painting from West Bengal or the mix metal craft from Gujarat, or the Thanjavur paintings and Cheriyal Pattu from South, they are all d…

Rasa Purnima in Orissa

Rasa Purnima is observed on the full moon day in the month of Kartik month in Orissa. Rasa Purnima 2018 date in Orissa is on November 23. The day is dedicated to the worship of Radha and Krishna – especially to the Rasa leelas of Sri Krishna. Rasa yatra of Sri Radha Madhava is also held on the day.

The day is also of great importance at the temples dedicated to Hindu god Jagannath. Special rituals are held on the day at the PuriJagannathTemple.

Note – The Sharad Purnima (October 24, 2018) which is observed on the full moon day in Ashwin month is also referred as Rasa Purnima in North India.

Meditation simply means becoming empty – Osho

The greatest day in life is when you cannot find anything in you to throw out; all has already been thrown out, and there is only pure emptiness. In that emptiness you will find yourself; in that emptiness you find your pure consciousness. Meditation simply means becoming empty to all the contents on the mind: memory, imagination, thoughts, desires, expectations, projections, moods. One has to go on emptying oneself of all these contents. The emptiness is empty only as far as mind is concerned. Otherwise it is overflowing, full of being – empty of mind but full of consciousness. So don’t be afraid of the word empty; it is not negative. It negates only the unnecessary luggage, which you are carrying just from old habit, which does not help but only hinders, which is just a weight, a mountainous weight. Once this weight is removed you are free from all boundaries, you become as infinite as the sky. This is the experience of God or what ever word one likes. Call it dhamma, call it truth, ca…