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Tulja Bhavani Songs

Tulja Bhawani Aarti and Mantra is dedicated to Goddess Tuljabhavani – a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. ShriTuljaBhavaniTemple, located at Tuljapur in Osmanabad District in Maharashtra, is one of the most important Goddess Shakti Temples in the state and is also one of the Shaktipeetahs. Now the official website of Tulja Bhawani temple is offering songs dedicated to the Goddess.

You can listen and download the songs for free here at the official website -

Note - the official website is undergoing certain changes and sometimes the songs are not appearing on the main page.

Satyarth Prakash in English – Read Satyarth Prakash of Swami Dayanand Saraswati online

Satyarth Prakash, meaning the light of truth, is the most important text and guide of the Arya Samaj. It was written by Swami Dayanand Saraswati, founder of Arya Samaj, to propagate the true teachings of the Vedas. Satyarth Prakash contains exposition and clarifications of Vedic principles. Now Arya samaj jamnagar is providing the opportunity to read the Satyarth Prakash text online. Link – you can read Satyarth Prakash in English here at the Arya Samaj Jamnagar website

Lakshmindra Puja – Lakshmi Indra Pooja

Lakshmindra Puja is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Hindu God Indra and is observed on the Purnima day of Ashwin month. Lakshmindra Puja 2018 date is October 24. In Bengal, Orissa and other parts of India, the pooja is referred as Kojagari Lakshmi Puja. In Hinduism, Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes prosperity and wealth and it is believed that on Poornima night she visits the homes of devotees and blesses them. Therefore special Lakshmi Puja is held in the evening on the day in homes.

Elaborate traditional Lakshmi Pujas, which needs the help of a priest or elderly person, are conducted on the day by communities and organizations.

Today, many people also perform a simple Lakshmi Puja on the day sticking to the main traditions. Special vegetarian dishes, fruits and sweets are offered to Goddess Lakshmi and Indra on the day.

Thula Month 2017 – Thulam Masam in Malayalam Calendar in 2017

Thulam Masam is the third month in a traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Thulam Masam in 2017 is from October 17 to November 15. Diwali is observed in this month.

Full Moon and No Moon Day Veluthuvavu or full moon day (Purnima) – November 4 Karthuvavu or Amavasi – October 19

Ekadasi fasting days are October 31 and November 14.

Pradosham are on November 1 and November 15.

Murugan Shasti Vratam is on October 26

Festivals and auspicious days include:
Deepavali - October 18Mannarashala Ayiliyam - November 11 Next month in Malayalam calendar is the Vrischika Masam – a highly auspicious month in Kerala and the SabarimalaTemple opens on the first day of the month for Mandala – Makaravilakku Puja

God is visibly present in the pure heart of a devotee – Vedanta Kesari Magazine Editorial

God is present everywhere for His all-pervasiveness is His nature. ‘Logically’ one can, therefore, meditate on Him wherever one wants to meditate on. But in pure heart, free from all negative ideas such as lust, greed, jealousy, anger and so on, God is manifest more. Sri Ramakrishna used to call heart as ‘the drawing room’. In a house, the master of the house can move around, and hence can be found, in any part of the house. But most likely, the master can be found in his drawing room. That is where he is most comfortable and relaxed. Likewise, while God can be meditated anywhere, He is most visibly present in the pure heart of a devotee. Lotus is also a symbol of devotion. While meditating on God, one is asked to meditate on a bloomed lotus in the centre of chest. Like a lotus, a pure heart never gets dirty by the mire called worldly thoughts and negative emotions. It is ever pure, and fresh, and a fitting place to think of the Presence of God. Source – The Vedanta Kesari September 201…