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Tips for Happy and Joyful Living – Swami Tejomayananda

Once we choose our course in life, there is no point in complaining about situations, difficulties or problems that we may have to face. A householder’s life has its ups and downs. Adopt the ways of Nature. Her method is one of Patience. Learn to be flexible in your everyday living. Whatever goal you have chosen to pursue in life, Be Firm and Determined in your efforts to realize it! Never believe in anything unless it happens. Conflicts in the mind arise due to dual and contradictory purposes in life. Surrender and insistence on one’s will cannot go together. It is we who carry the load of all due to our sense of doership, possessiveness or ignorance and then, when tired, blame others. Do your best to please the Lord and not any man. A principle in Spiritual Living is: ‘Remember the rights others have over you, and forget the rights you have over others!’ We have duties, no rights or demands. Do not hesitate to act. No one can give you rest. You will have to learn to take it. Have faith in the…