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Tulsi Ramayan Free Download – English Translation of Tulsidas Ramayan in pdf format

Tulsi Ramayan is a popular name used to refer to the Ramacharitamanas of Goswami Tulsidas, which is undoubtedly the most popular adaptations of Ramayana. Gita Press, which promotes and spreads the principles of Sanatana Dharma, is now providing an opportunity to download the entire Tulsi Ramayan for free in pdf format. This is the English Translation of Tulsi Ramayana. You can download the Tulsi Ramayan for Free from this link – the Ramayana of Tulsidas.

Katha Upanishad - Words of Wisdom

Look back to those who lived before and look to those who live now. Like grain the mortal decays and like grain again springs up (is reborn).

All things perish, Truth alone remains.

The good and the pleasant approach man; the wise examines both and discriminates between them; the wise prefers the good to the pleasant, but the foolish man chooses the pleasant through love bodily pleasure.

There are two paths one leading Godward, the other leading to worldly pleasure. He who follows one inevitably goes away from the other; because, like light and darkness they conflict. One leads to the imperishable spiritual realm; the other to the perishable physical realm. The discerning man distinguishing between the two, chooses the Real and Eternal, and he alone attains the highest, while the ignorant man, preferring that which brings him immediate and tangible results, misses the true purpose of his existence. Katha Upanishad