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Kasumba Chhath Festival Of Pushtimarg Sect

Kasumba Chhath is observed in the month of Ashada  Kasumba Chhath 2024 date is July  12. It is observed during the Shukla Paksha of Ashad month (June – July). The ritual associated with Kasumba Chat is observed mainly in Gujarat and Rajasthan by the Pushtimarg followers. It is held on the Shukla Paksha Chath or sixth day during the waxing phase of moon.
Kasumba Chhath Festival Of Pushtimarg Sect
Kasumba means red and the color in Pushtimarg is associated with love, attraction, beauty and happiness. It is a positive color. Shri Thakurji (Lord Krishna) is adorned with red color clothes on the day.

Shri Gusaiji and Kasumba Chhath

The day is also associated with the return of Shri Gusaiji, an ardent devotee of Shri Thakurji to his temple. Gusaiji (1516 - 1586) was the younger son of Shri Vallabhacharya and on of the greatest acharyas of Pushtimarg Sect. Shri Gusaiji was barred from Shrinathji's seva by the adikari of the Shrinathji temple - Krishnadasji.

Shri Gusaiji left the temple understanding it must be Shrinathji's wish that this had happened, and spent His difficult time at a nearby place called Chandra Sarovar.

Shrinathji (Lord Krishna) and Shri Gusaiji were inseparables. They both could not stay without each other and Shri Gusaiji used to send Him letters which were preserved and later published as Shri Gusaiji's Nav-Vigyapti.

After around six months, Birbal, who was the authority for the law and order in Mathura, learned that Shri Gusaiji had been barred from seva by Krishnadas Adhikari. He was extremely furious and immediately put Krishnadas behind bars to have dared to do such a thing! He humbly requested Shri Gusaiji to return to seva and informed Him about Krishnadasji being behind bars. The moment Shri Gusaiji heard that, he immediately asked Birbal to free Krishnadas as He said it was not his fault, and He had pardoned him for anything that he had done. Birbal was surprised at Shri Gusaiji's benevolence, and acted accordingly.

Krishnadasji was freed and he fell at the feet of Shri Gusaiji and pleaded mercy. Shri Gusaiji smiled at him and said that He didn't hold anything against him at all and it was all Shri Thakurji's leela. Such was Shri Gusaiji's divine, benevolent, kind and compassionate swaroop. Krishnadasji humbly requested Shri Gusainji to return to seva.

Later, preparations began for the divine re-union. Shri Gusaiji wanted all of Shrinathji's saaj and vastra to be in the Kasumbi colour- red.

On the 6th day of the bright half of the Ashada Hindu month, Kasumba Chhath was celebrated when Shri Gusaiji returned to Shrinathji's seva after six months of painful separation.