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Book: Before He was God, Ramayana, Reconsidered, Recreated

The book titled ‘Before He was God, Ramayana, Reconsidered, Recreated’ by Ram Varma attempts to recreate the historical Hindu God Ram. The book aims to avoid all the exaggerations and tries to unravel the Rama, the king and the warrior through a faithful account of Rama's life, his trials, tribulations and triumph.

About the Book in the words of the author

The story recited by the well meaning pundits of Puranic times was a senseless exaggeration. It was vital to restore the attention of the viewers or the readers, but this beautiful story did not need any artificial support. Its beauty remains undiminished even in a realistic portraiture of events.

Ram Varma captures those vignettes and there is an aroma in his rendering which gives the pleasant smell of an odor of Vedic times.

BEFORE HE WAS GOD RAMAYANA: Reconsidered Recreated
Price – Rs 995/-

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