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Santoshi Maa Katha – The Story of Santoshi Matha

Santoshi Maa is believed to help in fulfilling the desires of her devotees. She is the daughter of Lord Ganesha. She is also a unique incarnation of the Mother Goddess. There is an interesting story that narrates the birth of Santoshi Mata. 

Legend has it that once on Raksha Bandhan day, Jyoti, sister of Lord Ganesha, came to visit him. A special function was organized on the joyous occasion.

Kshema and Labha, the two sons of Lord Ganesh, wanted to know what function was being held. Their mothers Riddhi and Siddhi explained the significance of Raksha Bandhan.

Later the two young kids witnessed Jyoti tying a thread on the hand of Ganesha and in return, Ganesh blessed her with peace, prosperity and pleasures.

Kshema and Labha now wanted to know why their father gave such important blessings for a mere thread.

Ganesha then explained about the significance of the Raksha Bandha Rakhi that it is not a mere thread but is a symbol of unparalleled love and bond.

Impressed by the Raksha Bandhan ritual, Kshema and Labha now wanted a sister. They started pleading for a sister with Lord Ganesh.

Now Lord Ganesha is one who fulfills the desires of his devotees. So he could not ignore the pleadings of his sons.

To fulfill the wishes of his son a divine light emerged from the body of Ganesha, and his wives Buddhi and Siddhi, and it took the form of a young girl.

Devas and saints appeared on the sky and showered flowers to welcome this incarnation of Mother Goddess.

She then went to her brothers, Kshema and Labha, and tied a thread around their wrist. The brothers only had gram and jaggery in their hands and they offered it to her. She accepted it with great love and affection.

Sage Narada who witnessed this event complimented that as you were satisfied with mere gram and jaggery you will be known as Santoshi.

Those devotees who offer jaggery and grams to Mata Santoshi on Friday, or Shukravar, and observe fast will have their desires fulfilled.

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