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Solah Shukravar Vrat Dedicated to Santhoshi Mata

Solah Shukrawar Vrata is fasting and prayers dedicated to Santhoshi Mata for 16 consecutive Fridays. Solah Shukravar Vrat is considered highly beneficial by Hindus and many devotees have testified that they have benefited enormously and their wishes fulfilled by observing Solah Shukravar Vrat. The 16-Friday fasting can be observed by both men and women.

Solah Shukravar fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset. The fast is broken in the evening by consuming white-colored food like sweet made of milk and rice. Devotees should avoid sour food on the day.

Worshiping Santhoshi Mata by offering prayers or by singing bhajans is considered highly auspicious. Another major spiritual activity on the day is listening to the stories of Santhoshi Mata.

Offerings made to Mata during Solah Shukrawar Vrata should be jaggery and non-fried gram. The devotee observing Solah Shukravar fasting should make it a point to forgo one meal.

It is popularly believed that Goddess Santoshi Mata fulfills the desires of her devotee, if Vrat is performed with devotion and purity.