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Paramahamsa Nithyananda Quotes

Our enlightenment should not only be felt by all the people around us, but it should inspire others to live and radiate enlightenment as well. Our enlightenment should express itself through our muscles, in our very thinking, in our words, in our action. It should express itself through our Being, inspiring all the people living around us.

The world is a mirror for us, and since we continuously look into the world to learn more about ourselves, we further develop our identity through this mirror. Therefore we should create beautiful enlightened mirrors around ourselves by radiating and expressing enlightenment, and constantly remembering that our enlightenment should be our very own mission. In this way, the people around us should not only feel the power of our Jeevan Mukti - Living Enlightenment, but want to express it themselves!

A person who is living enlightenment, who is expressing Jeevan Mukti, is like Kalabhairava. Everything is there but nothing touches him. He is simply not bothered by anything. He just dances amongst all those things. So whatever may be inside you – doubt, pain, suffering – whatever may be, good or bad, whatever it may be, just rise up above it. Stand up with full energy, and declare your enlightenment. Dance on it in Ananda Samadhi, being untouched by any of these things. Radiate your enlightenment into the whole human consciousness.