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Panchu Dola Festival 2024 Date – Dasa Dola

Panchu Dola festival is observed in Odisha and is associated with Dola Purnima and Holi festival observed here. Panchu Dola Festival 2024 date is March 25. It is observed five days after Dola Purnima. On the day Gods and Goddess from temples in an area are brought to an open ground in the village in colorful processions.

The congregation of deities from several temples attracts thousands of devotees. The festival is a major event in rural parts of Eastern India and is also known as Dasa Dola.

The place where the deities assemble turns into a mela ground. Playing of Holi with colors and fireworks at night are some of the important activities on the day.

The meeting of the various deities from different temples is accompanied by various rituals.