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Valentine’s Day Hindu God Sri Krishna Temple in Tamil Nadu

A unique Hindu temple of Sri Krishna dedicated to the concept of Valentine’s Day will be consecrated in April 2010 at Sholingur in Vellore District in Tamil Nadu (140 km from Chennai). The unique temple which tries to amalgamate the ideas of Saint Valentine and Hindu God Krishna – both synonymous with love – is being built by R. Jaganaath, a former food and beverages manager and the author of a book on cocktails.

The temple will have murtis of Lord Krishna, Radha and a cow licking Krishna’s feet.

The Telegraph Calcutta Reports

Jaganaath says St Valentine and Krishna make the perfect mix.

'In Hindu mythology, Krishna is the only god who is synonymous with love. During various phases in his life, he was loved by mothers, girls, the Yadavs and virtually by every character in the Mahabharat even though he sided with the Pandavas,' he said.

 Saint ValentineThe temple will measure just 36sqft but will have a 12ft-high tower, decked out with a flute and a sadari (image of Vishnu’s feet).

'We have ordered a marble statue depicting Krishna and Radha with a cow and a calf beside them. We have now asked the sculptor to show the cow licking Krishna’s feet to reciprocate his love for animals,' said Jaganaath, who is spending about Rs 2 lakh (200,000) on the project.

Unlike other temples in Tamil Nadu, devotees will be allowed to touch the deity of Valentine’s Sri Krishna, for 'what is love without touching?'