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The Story of Lord Ram and Bhushandi, the crow

While searching for Mata Sita, Lord Ram and Lakshman reached a dense forest. The animals in the forest were expecting the arrival of Lord Ram as they had heard that Lord Ram is Sri Hari Vishnu. Bhushandi a crow that lived in the forest too heard about Lord Ram’s arrival but the crow was not ready to believe that Lord Ram was Vishnu. He went around arguing with others that Lord Ram was a mere human being and this was some trick of the humans to scare us animals.

To prove his point, Bhushandi, the crow, started harassing Lord Ram. Finally, Lord Ram started chasing the crow. Bhushandi flew high up in the sky and to the crow’s surprise Lord Ram was their behind him.

He flew up into the Himalayas and Lord Ram was there behind him. Bhushandi tried to hide in all places on earth and in sky but Lord Ram was there in all places.

Finally, Bhushandi surrendered before Lord Ram and asked for his forgiveness.

But Lord Ram picked up the crow and swallowed it!!

Immediately, Bhushandi found himself sitting on his nest in a tree in the forest.

The bird realized that all that is here is Lord Ram and all this ego, competition, anger, frustration are nothing but ignorance. When the veil of ignorance is lifted only Lord Ram remains.

Please note that Bhushandi is also the name of a crow in Yoga Vasishta – this is an immortal crow constantly meditating on the Supreme Brahman.