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Fast Darshan at Tirupati Balaji Temple – New 300 Rupees Quick or Seegra Darshan Ticket for Impatient Devotees

TirumalaTirupatiBalajiTemple has launched a fast darshan facility at the temple known as Seegra Darshan for those who have money and do not have the patience to stand in the long queue. The cost of the new quick darshan ticket is 300 rupees and this will provide speedy access to offer worship of Lord Venkateswara. The centuries old free darshan facility still continues but the wait is long. The popular Rs 50 'darshan' facility ticket would also continue. But issuance of Archana Ananthara Darshan (AAD) tickets and Cellar Darshan tickets has been stopped from October 21, 2009. Under the new system, devotees buying Rs 300 ticket will be allowed to enter the shrine through a separate queue.

It is said that the quick 'darshan' system has been introduced to put a stop to cases of recommendations from influential quarters, to provide speedy access for viewing the deity and also check the middlemen menace.I personally feel all such tickets should be stopped and there should onl…

Quotes from Sama Veda

A man of self-control becomes the master. Explanation: The person who has his senses under control is capable of accomplishing unimaginable feats. One, who has mastered himself, can have the world under his control. Nothing is impossible for such a man. A man of self-control has all his energy focused just as the scattered sunrays passing through a magnifying glass turn into a single ray. Therefore every individual should strive to develop self-control so that his energy gets channelized, mind focused and his capabilities naturally gets improved significantly.DEVAAH SWAPNAAYA NA SPRRIHYANTI (Verse 721)
Deities never favor the lazy and indolent.
Explanation: A lazy person can never achieve success. Nobody likes a person who spends his time sitting idle. Laziness erodes a person of his enthusiasm and energy. As a result the person loses all opportunities and finally becomes dejected and frustrated. The worst thing is that he stops believing in himself.