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Inspirational Thoughts on Love - Osho

When you love someone, two are needed: I and thou. Without two, how can love be possible? If you are alone, how can you relate, how can you love? If you are alone, there can be no love, love is possible only when there is two; this is the base. But if they remain two, love is again impossible. If they continue to be two, then again love is impossible. Two are needed for love to exist, and then there is a second need that the two must merge and become one. This is the paradox.‘I’ and ‘thou’ is a basic requirement for love to exist, but this is only the base. Love arises when these two merge into one. And the mystery is that somehow you remain two, and somehow you become one. This is illogical. Two lovers are two, and still one. They have found a bridge somewhere ‘I’ disappears, ‘thou’ disappears; where a unity is formed, a harmony comes into being. Two are needed to create that harmony, but two are needed to dissolve into it.It is just like this. A river flows; two banks are needed. A …