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Free Diwali Greeting Cards – Non-Greeting Card Websites with Free Deepavali Cards

If you are looking to send free Diwali Greetings Cards or Deepavali e-cards to your friends, relatives, parents and loved ones there are several popular news portals and consumer good websites that provide Free Diwali Greeting Cards during the festive season. Here are few sites from where you can send Diwali Greetings absolutely free and they are not the usual greeting card websites. Malayala Manorama a Kerala Based newspaper has got a good collection of Diwali greeting cards in English which are absolutely free – You can find them hereLG consumer product website too is providing free Diwali cards – You can find them here.We will be adding more such websites as we come across them.

What is Narak Chaturdasi?

Narak Chaturdasi is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Lord Krishna over Demon Narakasura. It is celebrated on Ashwija Krishna Chaturdashi (14th day of the waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month). It symbolically represents the victory of good over evil. Narak Chaturdasi 2017 date is October 18.

Who is Narakasura?

Narakasura is a daithya (demon) born to Bhoodevi (Goddess Lakshmi) and Lord Varaha (Lord Vishnu). He was the king of Pragjyotisha Nagar (now in Assam). He had the King’s position after overthrowing Danava king Ghatakasura. He had got a boon that he will only be killed by his mother.

Why Krishna and Satyabhama killed Narakasura?

Narakasura in association with Banasura got control of the world. He went to Swargaloka (heaven) and attacked Indra. Indra was soon defeated and he ran away from the Swargaloka.