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Vikram Samvat 2067 Calendar – Gujarati New Year 2010 Calendar

Samvat, or Hindu Vikram New Year, is the New Year Day in Gujarat and the first day of the financial New Year in North India. Samvat 2067 or Vikram Year 2067 begins on November 7, 2010. It is also referred as Vikram Samvatsar and Hindu New Year in the respective regions. This calendar is also known as Vikram Calendar or Vikram Samvat and a month is calculated from new moon to new moon. You can view the Vikram Samvat 2067 Calendar here - View Vikram Samvati 2067 calendar online

Eco-friendly Firecrackers for Diwali

Eco-friendly Firecrackers might sound an oxymoron. But the firecracker industry is forced to create green firecrackers as more and more people are avoiding firecrackers after realizing that it creates noise and environmental pollution. But there are also complaints that the so called eco-friendly crackers are only for namesake and the only difference is in the green and colorful packaging. Times of India reports …the makers have now come up with eco-friendly crackers. Also a range of 'mild' crackers is available in market, the kind which can be lighted up without posing any risk to kids.

"These crackers have been especially designed for the kids who are fascinated by the sound of explosion followed by light," said Gulsher Azad, owner Azad Crackers. However, the regular crackers — those that explode with a loud noise — include 'terminator', 'break dance', 'dance dance', 'fantastic 36', 'symphony' and others are now available in a…

Chitragupta Puja

Chitragupta Puja is performed after Diwali during the second day of the Shukla Paksha of the Kartik Month. Chitragupta Puja 2017 date is October 21. The puja and ritual is observed by the Kayastha community. He is believed to be the keeper of the account books containing the good and bad deeds performed by human beings on earth. Certain communities in Madhya Pradesh observes it on Chaitra Krishna Paksha Dwitiya, it is on March 14, 2017.

The Kayastha community believes that they are descendents of Chitragupta and perform special pujas and rituals on the day.

Chitragupta was born from the body of Lord Brahma. He is always depicted as carrying a pen and inkpot. Since he was born from the body of Lord Brahma, he was known as Kayastha and in earth he was known as Chitragupt. He keeps the records of good and bad deeds performed by people and informs about it to Yamraj when a person dies and reaches the Yamlok.

Swami Ayyappa Deeksha 2017 in Kartik month in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka – Wearing of Ayyappa Mala for Sabarimala Pilgrimage

Some Ayyappa devotees from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka intending to make the pilgrimage to the SabarimalaAyyappaTemple in Kerala wear the Ayyappa Mala or Mudra on the first day of the Kartik month. The first day of the Kartik month in 2017 as per Telugu and Kannada calendars is October 20. Nowadays, wearing of the Mudra Mala on this day is only followed by few devotees.

The Kartik month in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka falls a month earlier than in Tamil Nadu. Ayyappa devotees usually wear the Mudra Mala on the first day of the Karthigai Masam in Tamil Nadu or the first day of Vrischika Masam in Kerala – this usually falls in mid November usually on November 16 or November 17.

There are also many devotees in South India, especially in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh that wear the Ayyappa Mudra Mala on the Dasara day. Such people observe vratam for more than three-months.

Nowadays, most people opt for shorter Vratam days and most start the Vratam observed for 41 days or 21 days before M…

How to find out spiritual progress? – Swami Yatiswarananda

In spiritual progress, we become more and more selfless in our dealings with others; we feel an inner joy and peace. Think of your mental state in the past and compare it with your present state; you will see the difference brought by sadhana.Similarly, examine how many times in the day you think of God. How much time is spent in contemplating on Him? Find out what thoughts come to the mind when falling asleep and on waking up. That would give a true indication of the contents of the mind. These are the ways to find out spiritual progress.Swami Yatiswarananda(Source - How to Seek God, p.159-160 by Swami Yatiswarananda)