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Swami Sivananda Thoughts on Desire for Name and Fame

Some are very anxious to acquire name and fame. They make a show of themselves. They travel in cars, build clock towers and skyscrapers. They wear fashionable dress and employ a number of servants. They pose as great servants of society but every moment they try to acquire more fame. The slightest criticism upsets them. They cannot bear opposition. They wish that everyone should respect them. In spite of all this they do not get fame and hence get upset and restless. But if a man is really selfless he will not care for name and fame. He will do his work with great interest but will not expect any reward for it. Work itself is his reward. He will have no desire for fame. He will bear abuse. Only such a man will enjoy peace. He will get fame also; it will be his handmaid. But he will not be attached to it. Such a person alone can do real service to society. Therefore, give up all desire for fame. Work in a spirit of dedication. You will enjoy bliss. You will get fame also. Work with si…