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March 2009 Hindu Calendar – Desktop Wallpaper

This is a Desktop Wallpaper Hindu Calendar for March 2009 with some of the important festivals and auspicious days in March 2009. The festival and fasting dates are based on Indian Standard Time.Click on the image for a larger view and then right click and save the image to your computer (image size is 108 kb)You may also like to readAll important festival and auspicious days in March 2009

Indian Railway Tour Package from Chennai to Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Ayodhya and Sangam

Indian Railways has announced a spiritual tour package from Chennai to Allahabad, Ayodhya, Varanasi and Bodh Gaya. The 10days and 9 nights package is available from March 2009 to May 2009 and the tour starts on all Mondays in the month of March, April and May. Some of the highlights of the package are visit to Triveni Sangamam at Allahabad, Bathing at SarayuRiver at Ayodhya, KashiVishwanathTemple, and Bodha Gaya etcThe Tour Package:At AllahabadVisit to Triveni Sangamam for bathing at Sangam Darshan of Bade AnjaneyaAt AyodhyaBath in SarayuRiverValmiki Bhavan, Ram Janam Bhoomi, Kanak BhavanHanumanTempleAt VaranasiBath in GangaRiver and perform rituals to ancestorsVisitKasiVisvanathTemple, VisalakshiTempleAnnapoorani TempleGanga Aarathi in the eveningBanaras Hindu Uiversity, BirlaTemple, Sankat Mochan Mandir, Thulasi Manas Mandir,Gaudi Bai MandirSaranath templeAt GayaBuddha Gaya and visit MainTemple and Monasteries of various countriesRituals for ancestors and visit Vishnu pad TempleThe …

Wise words of Swami Chinmayananda

Man’s control of nature external is called civilization. His control of nature internal is called culture.Everyone of us many not be able to achieve the infinite expansion of universal oneness, but all of us are trying. Religion’s original task was to help us in gradually achieving this elevated vision. To lift the limited and selfish human being from his passion, greed, hatred to this loftier vision of the world was the essential ideal of religion.All weakness are transmuted into strengths when the right spiritual values are accepted and the seeker takes the daring resolve to live the spiritual quest. Swami Chinmayananda