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University of Manchester invites research papers for an International Seminar on Modern Gurus, Sampradayas and Media Hinduism

The international seminar is part of a two-year network project on ‘The Public Representation of a Religion called Hinduism’, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in the United Kingdom. An ongoing project, it is part of School of Arts, Histories and Cultures of University of Manchester. The focus of the current session is on ways in which Hinduism is represented firstly through the ideas and practices of modern gurus and Sampradayas, and secondly, through the full range of modern media and communications technology.This network project - ‘The Public Representation of a Religion called Hinduism’ – looks at the various ways in which Hinduism has asserted and maintained a public presence in a range of contemporary contexts. The seminar, which will be held in Manchester in July 2009, is the fourth in the project series. Previous seminars have examined –Modern temple building and public forms of worship, Hindu nationalist organizations in social and political context, Umbre…

How to discover one’s true identity? – Swami Visharadananda

How does one discover one’s true identity? Through the purification of our mind.The Atman is ever pure; it needs no purification. It is only the mind that has to be purified and not Atman.
When we say we are impure, it is not about the Atman but the mind which has to be made pure.
Impurity of mind originates in misunderstanding our real nature. This misunderstanding has to be corrected.
It is not that we have to become Atman; we are already that. What we need is to remove the false covering on our true being.Swami Visharadananda(Source: Human Values by Swami Visharadananda. Page 102)