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Shiva and Sati

Lord Shiva was never part of the society. He was not part of the illusion, instead he taught the worthlessness of the world by roaming around the cremation grounds. He wanted to show to all living beings that what they thought as eternal is only a bubble that can break anytime and transform. But if all the people followed Shiva, the universe will cease to exist. For the survival of society, Shiva had to mend his ways and for this Mother Goddess took birth as Sati, the youngest daughter of Daksha. Daksha Prajapati was the lord of the civilization and he had created the rules of the traditional society. Shiva never accepted the traditions of society. This infuriated an ego-inflated Daksha, who failed to perceive truth. But Sati was already in love with Shiva because She had realized that there is nothing but Shiva.The mendicant Shiva ignored Sati in the beginning as he had no interest in the world. But the intense austerities performed by Sati moved Shiva and He appeared before her. Shi…

India Digital Heritage Project of Microsoft India – See Famous Indian Landmarks in Vivid Detail on Internet

You might have visited some of the most important temples and other landmarks in India but you might not have had the patience and time to go in for a close scrutiny of the architecture and sculptural details of some of the unparalleled architectural gems of India. But with the India Digital Heritage Project of Microsoft India you will be able to enter some of the important heritage and religious sites in India and see everything in minute detail from the comfort of your home on the Internet.
The highlight of this unique digital heritage project is that takes a holistic approach, focusing not only on monuments but their associated cultural heritage. The India Digital Heritage Project of Microsoft is a collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology in India and various academic and industry research organizations.India Digital Heritage Project of Microsoft India is an effort to collect, store and share data on architectural sites in India and stimulate research in visualiza…

Hindu Prayers and Mantras on Saturday

Saturday, or Shaniwar, is dedicated to Lord Shani. As it is believed that those who have the blessing of Lord Hanuman are protected from the effects of Shani Graha, Hanuman is also worshipped on the day by many Hindus. In some regions, the Narasimha incarnation of Lord Vishnu is also worshipped. The main mantras and prayers that are chanted are dedicated to Lord Shani.The prayers that are chanted include the 108 names of Lord Shani (Shanaishchara Ashtottara Shatanamavali), Shani Stotram, the 108 names of Narasimha and some people also chant prayers dedicated to Lord Hanuman.You can download 108 names of Lord Shani in PDF format from this link – Shani 108 namesYou can download Shani Stotram in PDF format from this link – Shani StotramYou can download Shri Narasimha Ashtottara Shatanamavali from this link – 108 names of NarasimhaYou may also like to read Each Day of a Week Dedicated to a Particular Hindu God