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Teachings of Yoga Vasishta

People swing like straws afloat on the waters of this ocean of a mutable world, so long as mind does not attain repose and stability on the shores of inquiry into Self.
Inquiry will lead the mind of a person to the thing to be known, by making it easy to move towards truth. It is like water which can move easily when the obstructing sand is removed (or parted).
It is like the clean knowledge of a goldsmith that 'this is gold, this is ash or not ash.' (On inquiry a seeker will get such a power of discrimination).
This Self never perishes; it is imperishable – when one realizes this within himself, where is the opportunity for any delusion about this world?
When one is not aware (of the truth), his mind wavers and falls under delusion.
When the Self is known without any doubt and vagueness, how can stupidity survive?
O folks, all sorrow is when Self is not known. When the Self is known (realized), there will be only endless joy, happiness and peace. Yoga Vasishta